Russia, 2010, 39 min
Section: Panorama. Russian cinema


  • Sept. 23, 2012, 16:20, Ocean cinema, Meridian hall


Everyday life and stories of the most famous and the oldest Russian blogger who has more than 1000 readers in Live Journal - Aengelina Tareeva. She is 84, she was born in Kiev. When she was 16 she was in evacuation where she worked on tractor in Kazakh village; she studied journalism in MSU, worked in magazine Literature questions, and was acquainted with many famous people of the 60s. Most of her readers are modern boys and girls.

  • Director: Vladimir Vinogradov

    Born in 1968, graduated from Directors faculty of VGIK (Workshop of Vladimir Kobrin). Избранная фильмография / Selected Filmography: — Glukhar in Cinema, 2010 — Laskoviy Mai, 2009 — Space Prisoners, 2008 — Nuclear Era, 2008 — Andrey Makarevich, 2008

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