Russia, 2012, 90 min
Section: Panorama. Russian cinema


  • Sept. 23, 2012, 16:20, Ocean cinema, Meridian hall


This is a story about the most striking phenomenon in Russia’s contemporary art, the art collective Voina (War). Its founders Vor (Thief) and Koza (Goat) lead an underground existence as they raise their 1 year old son Kasper and conduct art actions which walk the fine line between art and crime. No one is left untouched by their brave political statements. They live for the day hoping to change the world of tomorrow.

  • Director: Andrei Gryazev (Russia)

    Graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Culture as director of theatrical performances (2004), studied in the First National School of TV as editor (2006) and at the Higher Courses of Film Writers & Directors (2008). In 2011 was nominated for national cinema award “Nika”. Andrei won more than 10 major awards of various European festivals of documentary films. Фильмография / Filmography: — Tomorrow, 2012 — Miner`s Day, 2010 — Sanya and Sparrow, 2009

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