China, 2012, 106 min
Section: Сompetition


  • Sept. 27, 2012, 14:40, Ocean cinema, Ocean hall
  • Sept. 27, 2012, 10:00, Ocean cinema, Ocean hall


Jing was deaf since childhood, and her mother was awarded custody of her after divorce. Being unwilling to get along with her stepfather, she had to live with her grandfather and uncle in the fishing village wharf. The birth defect and loneliness brought about barriers in her communication. She did not want to go to school and found a haven in the fishing boat of her uncle, who gave her consolation and care.

  • Director: Chen Zhuo

    Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts with a Bachelor degree in architecture in 2003 and then changed his major to digital video for Master degree. Chen Zhuo has long been committed to the production of contemporary arts, including animation, photography, experimental video, etc. In 2010, he established Beijing Tiger Entertainment & Media CO., LTD with friends and set to prepare for the shooting of his first feature film Song of Silence (Yang Mei Zhou). Chen Zhuo not only created the basic framework of the script, but also independently completed the movie edit and special effects in the post-production

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