Programme 2012

10 feature films and 10 shorts of Asian Pacific countries, 2011-2012.

8 films received numerous awards at international festivals, including Asian Pacific counties. Each film is an event and a cinematography masterpiece in itself. 

This program presents latest 11 most outstanding works of Russian cinematographers.

The program introduces 5 films, which were made using new ways of film creation. These films establish a new language of cinematography which is considered a pivotal moment in the history of cinema. 

5 documentaries tell stories of unique people. Some of them are outstanding and well-known around the world and some are ordinary people who have made an extraordinary choice in life. 

5 fascinating films about nature are presented by the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival.

Artdocfest is the Russian festival of the auteur documentary cinema, and, practically, the only venue in Moscow that presents the best documentaries of all trends and tonalities.

10 films from the HONG KONG FILM ARCHIVE. The program is dedicated to the 100 years of Hong Kong cinema and presents the historical benchmarks of the national film school. 


3 films illustrate modern national cinema of North Korea.

These 6 films are about the most dangerous and romantic profession. Classical films of different years.

Selection of outstanding short films of current festival season.

Selection of experimental short films of current festival season.

Selection of Russian short films of current festival season.

5 films for family viewing.

These 5 films are about the relationship between men and women which is full of pure feeling and unlimited passion.

6 debut films of Asian cinematographers who are considered to be the most influential filmmakers in the world. 

5 films are about outstanding directors, actors and cinematographers of our time.

Project Liqudity. The only condition in Liqudity space is description and interpretation of special condition unsteadiness, mobility and spreading.