Her works became an integral  part of the “Pacific Meridian” festival style.  She did it by conveying the very essence of the city by the sea as something definite, symbolic and magnetic to all of us.  She was laconic in her work but emotional and sensitive at the same time. It becomes obvious when you look closely at individual images. There is something in subtle and mysterious pictures, something secret and primordial, which captivates you by its energetic capacity.

 “I am overwhelmed by what I see in reality. Images  captivate me. I can sit and watch them for hours. I enjoy the continuity of what I see. I look at things in the way people listen to music. I look at the sea and isles of wildlife in the same manner. I am not a mystic but a keen and thoughtful observer. There is something tragic and alive in everything. That’s the way the life arranged it. Whenever I am engaged in painting I wish I could stop a moment.   I’m fond of traveling and long for it continually. I just imagine sitting on the sand. The wind is blowing. There’s a glass of wine somewhere nearby, and I’m drawing. There’s only creative work, nature and love. We all are a part of landscape. And I want to stop the moment in order to capture it”   

She left it to us after her tragic death in December,2008.      




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