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IFF “Pacific Meridian” Will Take the Viewers through Authors’ “Tropes”

The program includes films of directors that form international cinematic landscape

For the second time the Pacific Meridian IFF   presents the special program “Tropes”. It includes the films, with which authors aspire to enrich the language of cinema , extend cinema narrative means, and   search for new expressive  forms. The “Tropes” program films are the experimental, extremely individualized authors’ cinema strategies.

The program introduces five films, parts of which are directed by the filmmakers who are already famous in the cinema world.

“Kotoko” is the film of outstanding Japanese filmmaker Shinya Tsukamoto, last year winner of Venice International Film Festival program “Horizons”. According to the author’s logic, the filmmaker makes the viewer immerse to the deepest places of a young woman’s imaginary world who suffers from extreme   insanity. The heroine lives at the edge of two realities: she sees a person splitting into two: a negative person and a positive person.

“Fogo” is the debut film of a young filmmaker Yulene Olaizola. It tells about a small community on Fogo Island. The deterioration of a small community is forcing its inhabitants to leave and resettle. In spite of a condemn future, there are some residents who decide to stay, holding on to their memories and grieving for the past, when life on Fogo was different. Like a scientist the filmmaker explores the landscape topography shot by shot, recording the tundra valley where the residents, who stayed, are walking by no visible reason.

Canadian cinema maestro, one of the most original present filmmakers, Guy Maddin shot his own film “Keyhole”, the author’s Odyssey myth interpretation. The filmmaker represents breathtaking hero’s adventures stylized in the form of detective-noir. Maddin continues to implement his unique author’s strategy where he, inspired by the cinema of the past, adapts its images to the present reality.

“A Fish” is PARK Hong-min’s mystical drama about a young university teacher. His wife has left him and decided to become a shaman. He is on his way to find her and he gets into the world of his own fears and psychological conflicts at the same time moving along the border between reality and esoterism. The filmmaker raises an actual issue about the relationships of the modern civilization with an archaic idea about the world and human nature. This film is shown in 3D format.

A new project “Bestiaire” is another brave experiment of Canadian filmmaker Denis Côté, who is famous by his original films combining documentary and live-action films. It is the interpretation of medieval literary genre where different fauna representatives are allegorized. But Côté pictures it as a depressive zoo life where human and animal worlds face each other, the problem of man and nature cooperation is raised. It is significant that there is no human speech in the film, but the viewer can hear only animals’ sounds.