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Tallinn Industry Days project expects record number of participants from Asia and North America
International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian" participant was interviewed by web portal Look At Me
12 films were selected to the main London Film Festival program
Russian film day is celebrated today. It is the holiday which became as customary and warm for Vladivostok as Fisherman’s day, Navy day

Personal Schedule for the X Pacific Meridian IFF Audience

The film festival program includes more than 200 films

There is a detailed schedule of all anniversary Pacific Meridian sessions on the film festival site - for every day from September, 22 to September, 28. Every interested person can find out when exactly and in what particular cinema hall he/she can watch the film which he/she has chosen. 

The potential audience is granted an opportunity to make its own schedule of viewings.    For this purpose it is enough to mark chosen films on the site with asterisks – and there will be your individual schedule. It is possible to mark movies, both in "Schedule" and when viewing "Program" section. The schedule will remain on the site, and you won’t miss any of the films which have interested you.

If you just consider that this year there are more than 200 films in the festival program, the opportunity to make the schedule «for yourself», provided on the «Pacific Meridian» site , is , apparently,    very attractive   and,  sure enough,  will be in great  demand.

You can get familiar with the film festival program following this link. To make up your own show timetable,  press here.