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On the fourth day of the Pacific Meridian film festival, two full–length films were screened for the public.
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The Pacific Meridian continues to present competition films to the audience
Press-conference with the world premiere "Mother Mary, sex and death"'s director

Russian film day is celebrated in Vladivostok

Russian film day is celebrated today. It is the holiday which became as customary and warm for Vladivostok as Fisherman’s day, Navy day

The very first film festival “Pacific Meridian” was held 10 years ago in our city and Vladivostok experienced “Filmboom”. More and more film production staff started coming to our city. Just to remember, the capital of Promorsky Region was a shooting set for such films as Korean blockbuster “Typhoon”, Nikolay Khomeriki’s film “Darkness Tales”, musical “When Pigs Fly”… This summer film “22 minutes” was shot by “Central Production” in Vladivostok. It tells the story of tanker “Moscow university” release, which was captured by Somali pirates. As it is known, the members of Pacific anti-submarine ship “Marshal Shaposhnikov” succeeded in that mission in 2010, while they were on watch by the Africa coasts.

Vasiliy Serikov is a director of this film. He also made such TV series as “Cops-2. DCI Division of Criminal Investigation”.Alexey Sidorov is the producer, whose films “Brigade”, “Fight with shadow”, “Fight with shadow-2” are well-known and loved by viewers. Denis Nikiforov has one of the leading roles in this film as well as in “Fight with shadow”.Denis played in such films as “Boarder. Taiga romance”, “Idiot”, “Turetskiy’s march”.

It is important to mention that over the last 10 years Vladivostok filmgoers have been shooting not only short films but full-length ones as well. Sergey Rudenok, Mikhael Gotenko, Dmitriy Shevtsov – they are only few from the full list of Primorskiy film makers whose works were warmly welcomed by local audience, and moreover, they got good critics’ review. Futhermore Dmitriy Shevtsov’s film “Last floor” was included in short film program at the film festival in Cannes.

The program “Made in Vladivostok” will be at the “Pacific Meridian” not for the first time. Each year the festival organizing committee has more and more films of Vladivostok filmgoers. This year ??? films will be shown in the “Made in Vladivostok” program.

Today, The Russian Film Day is a special event for both film goers and those who are just discovering this sphere.  Let’s take a glimpse at the history of such significant event for all the cinematographers and cinematography fans’ of Russian Federation. It starts from 15th October (Julian calendar), 1908, the day of the first film release in Russian Empire. “Stenka Rasin’s Wild Revels” 8 minutes film made by Vladimir Romashkov opened the era of Russian Cinematography. That film was made based on the Russian folk song about Stenka Rasin “ From the island to the midstream”. 

On the 27th August, 1919 RSFSR Council of People Commissars adopted another Decree on filmmaking nationalization (through non-repayable expropriation).

Starting from that very day the whole RSFSR photography and cinematography trade, industry and cinemas was placed under the Council of People Commissars authority.

Russian film day was established in 1980 by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet decree. Its first name was Film day but it was then changed to the name we have today.