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Ministry of Culture restricted the Serbian drama 'Klip' show

The winner of the International Film Festival-Rotterdam 2012, “Klip” directed by Maja Milos, was not certified by the Russian Ministry of Culture

“The reason of refusal to grant a license for showing the film “Klip” by Serbian filmmaker Maja Milos is its foul language, scenes with alcohol and drug abuse, as well as pornographic material. The application for licensure was made by LLC “Kino BezGranits”. In spite of the fact that the legal age of the actors is indicated in the film credits, under age teenagers take part in those obscene scenes, which contradicts the standards of the Federal Law № 436 FZ from 29.12.2010  “main heroine of the film “Klip” is Jasna, a beautiful teenage girl who lives in a remote Serbian province with her negligent mother and terminally ill father. She escapes her home life by alcohol, drugs abuse and sex. But gradually she finds the power of will to accept her harsh reality.

The world premiere of the debutante Maya Milosh’s film took place at the International Film Festival Rotterdam on January 27th. Not only was the film awarded one of the three Tiger Awards, but also specifically mentioned by the Institute of Dutch Film Critics and Journalists.

“It is the energetic, sincere, honest, and frank film which breaks all the rules of cinematography; where modern tools are used to recreate the shocking picture of the world that exists in the minds of the generation whose lives are filmed on mobile phones”, - noted the Rotterdam film festival jury.

The protection of children from information which causes harm to their health and development” – underlined the Department.

The film was scheduled to be shown in Russian cinemas on August 30th. However, on Friday Sam Klebanov, the President and General Manager of LLC “Kino BezGranits” reported on Twitter that “Maja Milos’s film “Klip” was not given the license for the cinema show.”