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BBC will show a documentary about the shooting at the premiere of new Batman film

The tragedy in the eyes of American citizens at the cinema of Colorado


The BBC 3 TV channel, focused on youth audience ordered the British producing studio Mentorn Media the first documentary film about the tragedy, which happened on July 20 at  a «The dark knight: Legend revival» premiere in the Aurora, the State of Colorado. The 60 minute film will be released on August 23.

As BBC reports, working at this film,  journalist Amal Fashanu visited the Aurora, talked with the survived after the massacre at  the  film session, as well as  with the other young Americans, where they  discussed a number of hot issues— in particular, the laws restricting possession of the weapons and the problem of the death penalty.

That is how executive producer Steve Anderson describes the concept of the film: «Massacre at a school "Kolumbayn", shooting at Technical University of Virginia, the Aurora, attack at the Sikh temple in Milwaukee last weekend— and the list is still growing. In America there is no consensus on the laws restricting possession of the weapons. The film will be devoted to the necessary actions that, according to  the youth, should be taken right now».

Let's recall that on July 20 24-year-old former student of Colorado University James Holmeson started shooting the viewers who came to the premiere of «The dark knight» at Century 16 cinema. As a result 12 people died, 58 were wounded. The murderer was arrested close to the cinema, on July 30 official accusations were presented. Now Holmes is about to be sentenced to the capital punishment — in case he is charged to be guilty.

James Holmes's monstrous act caused a wave of imitations. The first days after the tragedy three people were detained in different states of America: two of them tried to threaten the audience at the sessions of «The dark knight» without any weapons, the third, having been inspired by example of the «Denver shooter»,  heavily - armed, intended to kill his employer.

Source – FilmPro