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Famous director was awarded by Primorsky region Governor's prize
On the fourth day of the Pacific Meridian film festival, two full–length films were screened for the public.
Pusan IFF President was awarded with special prize at the Opening Ceremony of X IFF "Pacific Meridian"
The Pacific Meridian continues to present competition films to the audience
Press-conference with the world premiere "Mother Mary, sex and death"'s director

“Court of Heaven” was 85 times more popular on the net than in the cinema

The opening film of the IX Film Festival “Pacific Meridian”, “Court of Heaven” by Alyona Zvantsova is very popular among Internet users.

Lawyers Andrey and Veniamin are friends, but their work often makes them opponents. And the trials they take part in happen in the world of the Afterlife. They are part of the Justice of Heaven, which decides where the soul of a person must be directed after death — to Heaven or to Hell. But one day some personal interests of Andrey unexpectedly interfere with his work: The person on the defendants’ bench is the man who offered his hand to his young widow.

In the international network, the film has been seen for about 35 000 times from its release date in cinemas till the official release on DVD in June, 2012. Thus, the filmmakers lost more than 12 million rubles.

“Filmpro” analysts traditionally calculated the cinema losses from the Internet pirates’ actions. The calculation was made for films shown at the box office as well as for limited time release. To assess the possessors’ loss of rights, “Filmpro” specialists monitored the sites most frequented by free net users; sites such as (social network), the leading file sharing sites and torrents.