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Interview with Boris Khlebnikov

International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian" participant was interviewed by web portal Look At Me

Tomorrow, October 11, a movie "Till night do us part" will be released . It was shot by Boris Khlebnikov ("Crazy Help", "Free floating", "Koktebel") based on the article from the "Big City" magazine. The director told «Look At Me» about the film history, the fate of Russian cinema and the attitude towards the so-called elite.

"The article in the "Big City " seemed very accurate and funny for me, and I wanted to make a film based on it. Not satire of course, not a global statement, but vaudeville.

As for me, "Till night do us part" is a very social history. Characters of the film are people that got rich really fast. They worked hard in the nineties, and then got tired and confused. Money for them is a cherry-pie, and in fact they do not know what to do with it. And the surrounding reality as our country di

dn’t give them any particular culture, and there is no nobility in their wealth. But it is not their problem, we just see the first generation of rich people.

And the desire to strike somebody in the face just for relaxation is a very common thing, especially for the Muscovites. I just did a film about Moscow. Therefore the fight in film finale is a sort of a gift to all the heroes, not only those who were sitting at the tables. When I read the original article, it became clear that they are so bored, frustrated and embarrassed that the fight would be the only escape for them.

I would not like to change these people, I just like to watch them. I have no position in relation to a person who dressed tastelessly, except that it is interesting for me as a director. I'm not going to try to teach him.

The situation in contemporary Russian cinema is actually the same as we have with opposition leaders. Why are they losing voters from rally to rally? Because they can’t understand and articulate what they are talking about and what they are fighting for. It’s clearly against what they are fighting, but this is not enough. They can’t explain the period. The same thing is happening with us, with directors. We live in certain stagnation where everything is fuzzy. It has happened many times in cinematograph and it is happening now, for example, in Italy and France. But usually a social convulsion brought back life into art. Neo-Realism, for example - the consequence of the war loss. No other circuit has never been "

We are reminding you that in the framework of the 10th International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries "Pacific Meridian" Boris Khlebnikov presented to audience his film "Till night do us part"

Source-Look At Me