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Russian film day is celebrated today. It is the holiday which became as customary and warm for Vladivostok as Fisherman’s day, Navy day

Kim Dong Ho was awarded for contribution to Asian cinematograph

Pusan IFF President was awarded with special prize at the Opening Ceremony of X IFF "Pacific Meridian"

Kim Dong Ho, founder and permanent president of Pusan IFF, at the Opening Ceremony of “Pacific Meridian” was awarded by unique prize – “For great contribution to Asian cinematograph”. Similar award “For contribution to the world cinematograph” was earlier given only to Liza Minnelli (2011) and Gerard Depardieu (2008).

- Pusan Film Festival is one of the greatest in the world, - said Kim Dong Ho, taking award from the president of “Pacific Meridian”, national actor of Russia, Sergey Stepanchenko and chairperson of organizing committee Larisa Belobrova, - it’s 17 years old already, it discovered a lot of talented young directors. That’s why my award – is really award for everyone who worked on Pusan IFF creation.

Vladivostok festival is much younger, but after 10 years of existing it solidly fit in the list of best respected festivals of the world. That’s why my prize – it’s partly prize for everyone who works on “Pacific Meridian” creation. I’m not for the first time in Vladivostok, and I’ve seen how hard people tried to make this festival, and what development festival achieved. I’m really happy because of it! I believe, it will be one of the greatest festivals!

From the first year of “Pacific Meridian” existence representatives of Pusan IFF kindly shared their experience with organizing committee. One of the films, which was demonstrated at the latest Pusan Film Festival – “Mourning”, was included into program “Friends”.

Kim Dong Ho came to our festival with another maître of Asian cinematograph – Chung Ang Li, president of Korean Cinema art and cinema industry Association.

Kim Dong Ho

Pusan IFF founder, was leading it from the very first day (15 years), now is respectful president. Usually works in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism during 27 years. Also was the president of Corporation of advancement of Korean cinema and also of Seoul Art Center. Since March,2011, was the dean of Cinema School in Bangkok University. Was awarded by great amount of medals for achievements in South Korea culture development, has international awards.

Kim Dong Ho was a jury chairperson during next festivals:

·         Rotterdam Int’l Film Festival, 1997

·         NETPAC award, Venice Int’l Film Festival, 2001

·         Beograd International Film Festival, 2008

·         1st Okinawa International Movie Festival, 2009

·         2nd Okinawa International Movie Festival, 2010

·         Zerkalo International Film Festival, 2010 

About Pusan Festival

Pusan International Film Festival – the most dynamical cinema-forum in Asia and greatest celebration for Asian cinema. BIFF was a start point for development of not only Korean, but also Asian cinematograph.

IFF in Pusan started in 1996 and was the first international film festival in Korea, which was really successful – 173 films from 31 country was showed, festival had 184 071 visitors. In 2011 was showed 307 films from 70 countries.

BIFF is a basis for Asian cinema market and Asian project market. Asian Cinema Fund in Pusan helps the development of independent and stable cinema production. Festival also organizes Asian Cinema Academy – educational program for talented directors from Asia, and also Pusan cinema forum.

Also, we remind you that the winner of “Cinema audition 2012” will be awarded with the trip to Pusan IFF (South Korea).