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International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian" participant was interviewed by web portal Look At Me
12 films were selected to the main London Film Festival program
Russian film day is celebrated today. It is the holiday which became as customary and warm for Vladivostok as Fisherman’s day, Navy day

Artemy Troitsky: back to Vladivostok!

The famous musical critic showed the film of the street art artist Banksy “An exit through the souvenir bench”


Yesterday, there was a show of the film made by the famous English street art master Banksy “An exit through the souvenir shop”. The movie’s genre is a pseudodocumentary and it tells a story about an eccentric bourgeois who pretended to be a documentary film maker and tried to find Banksy and become friends with him. It is necessary to mention that, despite the worldwide reputation, the street art master hides carefully his personality.  In whole, the film is nothing more than a judgement against modern art market and this judgement is absolutely ruthless.

Today, spectators of the gallery will be able to see two documentaries at 10:30 a.m. They are about such famous Russian artists as Oleg Kulik, Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubosarsky. These movies are shot by Evgeny Mitta. After the show, Artemy Troitsky offers to spectators to talk over the films. The discussion must have been interesting.

-       In my collection, there are pictures of Oleg Kulik, duet of Vinogradov and Dubosarsky and many other our compatriots, - says the musical critic. - And I wanted to show the best of them on the anniversary Film Festival, but I was faced with some difficulties. That is why I decided to show the nice movies about modern art and make a discussion afterwards.

Today, Artemy will leave Vladivostok, but the movies can be watched in the “Arka” gallery. By the way, the exhibit ion “Painting. Music. Cinema” has recently been opened there. It is dedicated to the anniversary Film Festival and it is a joint project of the gallery and  “Pacific Meridian” organizing committee, and it shows the brightest moments of the festival. There are more than 50 shots which were made by local photographers in different years. These photographers are Gleb Teleshov, Anton Bubnovsky, Alexander Borisenko, Sergey Kiryanov, Mikhail Pavin and many others. They are not so much documentary as full of festival days mood.

The exhibition is open from 25th September to 1st October.

Photo here.