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Destroying all taboos

Press-conference with the world premiere "Mother Mary, sex and death"'s director

10th IFF “Pacific Meridian”  was given an honor to be the place for the world premiere of very complicated and extremely ambiguous film “Mother Mary, sex and death”. During showing it seemed that  audience was divided into two camps: some were leaving after 10 minutes of showing, others, fascinated, watched till the very end and applauded without restraint.


The Director of this film, Rainsford,  was filming his terminally ill mother for a long period of time. These painful shots became basis of the film… Not only professional actors were involved into filming, but also common people.


-Mary Salem is very famous Australian actress, - told Rainsford, - she plays herself. When my mother was dying, Mary helped me to take care of her. And, obviously, she really understands what pain is.


Chris Wallace – one of those, who doesn’t play himself. Actually, he plays me. This decision came to us during film creation. Chris has been working with me for 8 years in my theatral company. I chose him consciously, because he knew me, my feelings, was able to show my emotions.


That person, with whom Mary got sex on the beach, she had chosen by herself. Out of common people, not actors. And yes, anticipating your questions, they had real sex.


And there is one more character in the film – my mother. I was filming her last days.


-And did your mother know, that you were filming her?


-I didn’t actually think that I will create film about my mother’s last days. Initially I was just filming her, but finally I asked her, could I use these shots and she agreed. There is one moment, which I will never forget… She was sleeping more than one day, and when woke up, saw all cameras around and said: the only thing makes me sad – that I will never see final variant of that film.


-Do you believe that life after death exists?


- Yes. I’m very spiritual person and some events of my life showed me that there’s something out of our body that moves us.  I’m not an adherent of some exact religion, but I have big experience of contact with the death. And I consciously understand that there’s something out of my body. My son died whe I was filming. Because of leukemia. His name was Antoine. He was a young boy and for 5 years suffered from hard disease. During 5 years I was watching his struggle for life, admired with the will power… After his death he often visited me.


-Why people are so sad about death, if we know that it will happen to each of us…


- This is serious question. There is simple word “fear”. Man tries to dissociate himself from scaring things. And we have so many taboos, that it spreads even on the discussion of death. .. We dissociate us from it, despite of letting beauty, pain and grief come to our life and delight aging, oncoming of death. To my mind, it’s a great mistake. In my film two women – my mother and Mary – are shown necked. There is a scene, where necked Mary washes my mother. Old and young women. Two different bodies. And they are equally beautiful. And I want my film to destroy all borders, all taboos. If Im able to do that, Im really happy.


- Don’t you want to make a film, basing on some positive experience?


- To work on contrast, to make comedy? I’m interested in art, but not in the mainstream. I would like to find this elements of human life, which can destroy limits and open new vision of life for audience. Will I make second film? I dont know. I’m much more sure that I want to come back to Vladivostok. I do really like the word “Vladivostok”, it sounds so musical, as Casablanca, Los-Angeles…


-Colour finding is very unusual…


- It’s very interesting psychological moment, concerning colour finding. I’m, of course, not the first to use both colour and black&white scheme. But black&white expresses something unconscious in the film. My decision to show black&white scenes was an echo of desire to lead audience to unconscious world.


-  Tell us about your other works…


- This is my first feature-length film, which I completely created. Previously, I filmed experimental movies, vanguard, mixture of multimedia and documentary, it was really interesting for me. I consider my work is documentary with personal experience. I film myself. I’m very found of it. I suppose, personal genre – is a new stage of film development.


And I don’t make people think, I try to open depth of their feelings. To let feelings, hiding deep inside, come outside.


-People were leaving your film presentation even after 10 minutes of beginning. Do you consider this premiere successful?


- Yes, of course. The main thing for the artist is – after premier we came out of cinema, people – audience – were standing on the porch, waiting for me for more than one hour, asking questions. Some of them were crying. There were also those previous night, who were not able to understand that film, that’s why they went away, but others were really inspired. Thats why one more time yes. For me this premiere was successful. There were lot of people, who has never seen such that kind of film, but I assure you – on the next festival they will be looking exactly for such films.


- Why premiere is in Vladivostok?


- I was looking for a place for a long time, and could show it at any other festival, in Spain, for example. But something deep in my heart told me to go there. I can’t explain that, but I know, that my decision was right.