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Carlito Dalseggio

Famous artist led an open-air workshop

On September, 23, second day of the Festival, world-famous artist Carlito Dalseggio spent time with kids, trying to help them in hard, but really funny business - create miracles by paints and brushes.

"Children are much better than adults, and their pictures are more interesting - they have no limits in their minds, that's why pictures are more expressive, - tells Carlito, - In each country I visit,  I try to have workshops for kids, though I have never been a professional teacher."

Young artists are not afraid to show their ideas and emotions in pictures - red flowers, green dragons and small black figures - a sign of Carlito's work.

"I like that they share their vision of our world - this is very important, especially for kids," - tells artist about children's pictures.

Parents also were not indifferent - they were smiling, ready to share their impressions of festival. "Thanks for such great holiday, I'm really happy for my little doughter, who was able to draw with such artist as Carlito!" - tells father of Sasha.

Photo here.