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Tallinn Industry Days project expects record number of participants from Asia and North America
International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian" participant was interviewed by web portal Look At Me
12 films were selected to the main London Film Festival program
Russian film day is celebrated today. It is the holiday which became as customary and warm for Vladivostok as Fisherman’s day, Navy day

Exhibition of kids art "Dragon of good luck" opened at Pacific Meridian

On September,23, an exhibition opening took place at the festival village

Not for the first time Gorazda Lunekova's art-studio "Light Elements" takes part in program of the festival. That time young artists worked with the image of dragon - a symbol of good luck, fortune, power and luxury for the whole Asia-Pacific region, which hosting center became Vladivostok.

On the exhibition of children art "Dragon of good luck in Vladivostok" guests of the city will meet magic birds, kind Russian dragons, tigers and other creatures - inspired images of young artists.

It's worth mentioning that pictures, presented at the exhibition, you can carry away - its reduced copies are printed on postcards, which kids give everyone with great pleasure.  These postcards were also souvenirs for APEC Summit 2012 international delegates.

Don't miss the chance to visit exhibition and communicate with young artists - everyday till September,28.

Photos here.