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Russian film day is celebrated today. It is the holiday which became as customary and warm for Vladivostok as Fisherman’s day, Navy day

Star walk – exultation and sincere emotions

The stars of Russian and world cinema walked the blue carpet

The “Star walk” became full of brightness, joy and sincere emotions during the opening ceremony of the “Pacific Meridian”.

The stars of Russian and world cinema walked the blue carpet. There were among them such celebrities as Daryl Hannah, Lev Prygunov, Natalia Varley, Kim Dong-ho, Olga Khohlova, Alexander Peskov, Gerild Moset and many others. Spectators welcomed their idols with applause and approving shouts, took autographs. Sergey Stepanchenko, the President of the festival, received festival’s guests.

Igor Pushkarev, the mayor of Vladivostok, said: “The festival is an event which is desired by the entire city, which is very important and should be continued. It has got people’s love and support. It has become a good sign: there won’t be autumn if the festival doesn’t pass. It means that we will develop it!”

Everyone who walked the blue carpet was talking about love to the “Pacific Meridian”, its uniqueness. The actor Alexander Peskov, the regular participant of the program “CinemaTours”, declared: “The “CinemaTours” is very important. This is something that brings people’s love to the festival. I travelled around my region, sang, talked about cinema, met new people. “Pacific Meridian” is not pacific but very loud as it sounds throughout the region. Happy 10th anniversary!”

One of the most precious guests is the honorary president of the Busan festival Kim Dong-ho. He doesn’t hide his emotions: “I go to the “Pacific Meridian” for the third time and I’m affected by the scale of the festival’s development. And I’m very happy for it!”

The final chord of the “star walk” was the appearance of the organizing committee’s chairman – the deserved artist of Russia Larisa Belobrova. Larisa Dmitrievna surprised everybody by the demonstration of a tattoo on her left shoulder - the logotype of the “Pacific Meridian” – a seagull – and the number “10”. The first serious anniversary of the festival is a reason for joy and, what’s the most important, for future plans!