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Russian film day is celebrated today. It is the holiday which became as customary and warm for Vladivostok as Fisherman’s day, Navy day

“Pacific Meridian” will turn water to art

The program “Video art” will be shown in the eight 20-feet containers

25 September 15:00 there will be the opening of video art exhibition in the festival village (Sportivnaya gavan’ seafront). Short films will be shown in eight 20-feet containers. The program “Video art” is always one of the brightest and unique events at the IFF “Pacific Meridian”.

“Liquidity” is the name of the project which will be shown at the X IFF “Pacific Meridian”. The inspiration and the main theme for eight Russian and foreign authors whose works are at the exhibition is water.

It is said that people can look at flaming fire and flowing water forever. The water in all its conditions - from rain and snow to ocean waves and geyser steam jets – has always been inspiration source for writers, poets, artists, and just romantics. Russian video art experts became interested and impressed by unique abilities and properties of water and, in fact, made it the main hero of their works.

“Liquidity” project participants see the water in terms of its transformation to different states – from natural to subjectively poetic ones. The exhibition burden is flow and transformation to any state which water element is able and supposed to.

For instance, Oleg Blyablyas suggests looking at the history through water element. Valadimir Logunov focused on water ability to reflect everything around and change images. Alexandra Mitlyanskaya works with literary codes examining herself as data carrier and performer. Her “Ofeliya” is a funny sketch only for the first sight, but, in fact, it is a philosophical argument about artist position and status. “Provmyza” group (Sergey Provorov and Galina Myznikova) does visual poetry. Their “Lullaby” (video based on the photo) is devoted to correlation of ideology and myths in reflection of visual fragments.

Vladivostok being the city surrounded by “sea of water” is ideal for the “Liquidity” exhibition. It is no doubt, that the project will attract public’s attention and will be one of the most discussed events at the festival.