In short... 2011
Fastener Solutions
  • Director: Mikhail Segal

    In 1995, Mikhail started his studies at the directors’ faculty in VGIK, but a year after he gave it up and started shooting music videos for rock and hip-hop groups. In 2006, at the Moscow IFF he presented his first feature-length film Franz+Polina, a love story of an SS soldier and a girl from occupied Byelorussian village. In 2010, publishing house “ACT” released Mikhail’s first prose book Youth, which included story of the same name and other short stories. Фильмография : — «Рассказы», 2012 — «Мир крепежа», 2011 (к. м) — «Franz+Polina», 2006

Russia,  2011,  28 min.
Andrey Merzlikin, Andrey Petrov
In short...

Olya and Mitya love each other very much and they don't want to live their lives as «ordinary people». The humdrum reality and the prospects of becoming just average people in the street are scaring them. Their future is hardly predictable. But why predict what you can manage and arrange? Professionals are already rushing to help you, so everything will come out well organized.