In short... 2011
The Lucky Road
  • Director: Vladimir Tsarenko

    Born in Kiselyovsk, Keverovskaya region, in 1984. Since 1997 he lives in Saint-Petersburg. Graduated from the North-West Academy Of Public Administration with the law degree. At the moment attends the fourth year course of TV-shows and films directing at Saint-Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television, which he entered in 2006 as a student of the Smirnov V.V. workshop. In 2010 entered Postgraduate School of Scriptwriters and Film directors, Moscow, Russia.

Russia,  2011,  30 min.
Pavel Yulku
In short...

The bride waits for her bridegroom to go to the church where they must wed. Her giddy-headed fiancé is late even on such an occasion. Nanny comforts the bride. Well, they cannot even imagine what a horrible thing takes him so long.