Documentaries. The society we can never change? 2011
Day that Changed the World
  • Director: Leslie Woodhead

    Is one of the most outstanding documentary film-makers of Great Britain and a laureate of many international awards. He started his own 40-year career at Granda Television in Manchester in 1961. In the early 70s, Woodhead was among the first who developed a documentary play on British television, specializing in research of reconstructions of the important events in Eastern Europe. Woodhead also made many documentaries on different themes In 1989, an independent producer and director made a documentary trilogy about the USSR In 1994, Woodhead was presented the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth.

United Kingdom,  2011,  92 min.
Documentaries. The society we can never change?


The film spans the period from dawn on September 11th until shortly before midnight that same day. Specially shot interviews with those in charge are intercut with archive and photographs of that day. Real time audio, radio and telephone transmissions, dispatch calls between the rescue services, recordings between the flight control centres and the military enhance the ‘in-the-moment’ feel of the film. The Day That Changed The World is told with the pace and story-telling of a drama. This is the story of what happened on one extraordinary day ten years ago, told only through pictures and sounds recorded on 9/11. It’s a story that still touches all of our lives.