Documentaries. The society we can never change? 2011
  • Director: Mantas Kvedaravicius

    was born in Birzai, Lithuania in 1976. He holds a Master’s Degree in cultural anthropology from the University of Oxford and is currently completing his PhD dissertation and a book manuscript on the affects of pain at the University of Cambridge. Kvedaravicius has taught university courses on religion, law, and political theory in New York, and since 2006 he has been conducting research on torture and disappearances in the North Caucasus. Barzakh is his debut film

Finland,  2011,  59 min.
Documentaries. The society we can never change?

Chechen city, a man disappears. Official replies from state representatives and the advice of diviners are equally valid. Consolation and help come only from people who themselves live with the loss of their loved ones, or who are those that have returned from where “no one returns”. “It is a threshold between the living and the dead which separates these two worlds but is neither of them”. Ibn al-Arabi.