Moving forward 2011
The Sky Above
  • Director: Sérgio Borges

    The short films and videos by Sérgio BORGES (1975, Brazil) have been screened at film festivals all over the world. With his first feature The Sky Above (2010), he won a prize at the Brasilia Film Festival. Borges is co-founder of the film collective Teia.

Brazil,  2011,  71 min.
Edjucu Moio
Moving forward

Dani is a transsexual attending the university. She is lonely and makes her living as a prostitute but manages to find a way to express herself by writing a virtual love story. Ex-graffiti artist Murari is a Hare Krishna monk, living in celibacy. He also works at a call-center and his spare time is devoted to his favorite soccer team. To him, sex is sacred and he wishes for an infinite love. Lwei, an African with Portuguese roots, writes several books simultaneously, but never finishes one. He is financially supported by his mother and ex-wife. He has strong suicidal tendencies. These three people live their ordinary lives. They never have met but they are very similar in their desires and dreams.