Moving forward 2011
  • Director: Robin Färdig

    Born 1979, in Sweden. Studied at the University Of Dramatic Arts in Stockholm. He made his first short in 2005, his first feature in 2007.

  • Director: Sherad Anthony Sanchez

    was born in 1984, in Philippines. Studied at Ateneo De Manila University. In his junior year, made his first short film, later screened at the Rotterdam IFF. Since then, his short films regularly participated in various film festivals. His features Huling Balyan Ng Buhi: O Ang Sinalirap Nga Asoy Nila (Huling Balyan Ng Buhi: Or The Woven Stories Of The Other) and Imburnal were screened in Jeonju, Munich, Marseilles, New Delhi, Bangkok, Buenos Aires.

Philippines,  Sweden,  2010,  88 min.
Datu Danny Aralao, Datu Lumayong Bayantong, Randy Quilos
Moving forward

Three stranded men in the jungle of Mindanao, Philipines, find that an old abandoned airport is full of lumads (a local term for indigenous people). It is a strange shelter for this shamanistic tribe trying to survive in the urban world.