In focus. Open spaces. Caucasus 2011
Renee Goes to Hollywood
  • Director: Aleko Tsabadze

    Born in 1956 in Tbilisi, Georgia. А Tbilisi State Institute of Theatre and Cinema Graduate.

Georgia,  2010,  103 min.
Zyrab Begalishvili, Viktor Barbakadze
In focus. Open spaces. Caucasus

Renee, a big city dweller, teaches video art in a film school but, at the same time, he works for a propane delivery office. He assumes that one can enhance the power of imagination by way of altering consciousness that, on its turn, can give way to new reality. Renee shoots city life with his Handycam. Sometimes the characters of his footage are not only the real people including himself, but the imaginary personalities, too. Like Yahoos…