In focus. Chinese contrasts 2011
Old Dog
  • Director: Pema Tseden

    was born in 1969 in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai province. Son of Tibetan nomads, he is the only one of three siblings to have finished school. He studied Tibetan Language and Literature at the Northwest University and has worked as a primary school teacher and a civil servant. He finished China's most prestigious film school, Beijing Film Academy, the first ever Tibetan student there. As a writer, Pema Tseden has published novels and essays widely, in both Tibetan and Chinese.

China,  2010,  88 min.
Lochey, Drolma Kyab, Tamdrin Tso
In focus. Chinese contrasts

At the end of the twentieth century in Tibet, the son has sold his family dog to a dog dealer in town but his father retrieves the dog and sets it free. The freed dog ends up in the hands of the dog dealer again. It is ready to be resold soon. To get the dog back again from the dealer, the son fights the dealer but ends up being arrested by the police. Finally, the father chooses to kill the old dog who has kept him company for long years.