Panorama 2011
Dance Town
  • Director: JEON Kyu-hwan

    Jeon Kyu-hwan Was born in South Korea, in 1965. He received favorable reviews for his debut feature Mozart Town (2008). With his unique vision portraying the urban landscapes and characters, it received widespread recognition at international film festivals. His second film Animal Town (2009) has also swept many festivals after its premiere at the 57th San Sebastian IFF. Completing his Town Trilogy with Dance Town (2010) that was accepted for Panorama at the 61st Berlinale, he has been critically acclaimed to have shown a capacity as a master of cinematic arts.

Korea, South,  2010,  95 min.
Ra Mi-ran, Oh Seong-tae

Jung-Nim, a woman of the North Korean middle class, was reported on for watching a pornography video. Her husband could help her to get to South Korea but could not escape himself and was arrested. In South Korea, as a defector and a female, she lives a lonely life. Trying to overcome her isolation, she starts to work as a volunteer at her church. She sees other lonely people - a pregnant high school student, a handicapped divorcee - and feels sympathy for them. But despite her efforts, she can’t forget her husband. Finally, she hears the news about him... from a South Korea government agent who monitors her every step.