Panorama 2011
The Prize
  • Director: Paula Markovitch

    was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she was a child, her family had to move to a provincial town due to political and economical reasons. Today, she lives in Mexico, and considers it also her native country. She thinks of herself as a writer before anything else. Loves teaching. Teaches screenwriting at the CCC (Center of Cinematographic Capacitation). An adviser of IMCINE (Mexican Institute of Cinematography) and of FONCA (National Fund for the Arts and Culture). She has written and co-written the screenplays for Sin remitente, Elisa antes del fin del mundo, Temporada de patos and other internationally recognized films. El Premio (The Prize) is her first work as a director of a full-length film.

Mexico,  2011,  123 min.

An autobiographical story. The1970s, Argentina. The action takes place in the sceneries of director’s childhood, in the atmosphere of the overwhelming mediocrity of fascism and its ridiculous ceremonies. “I am seven years old. I know I must not reveal my true identity to the other kids. I have been explained that my family’s life depends on my silence. I desperately try to look like all the others but now my mother feels sad and despises me. What am I to do to earn my mother’s and the other’s approval? In a world so full of confusion and fear, who are we supposed to be?”