Сompetition 2011
  • Director: Halima Ouardiri

    Born in Geneva to a Swiss mother and a Moroccan father. She moved to Montreal in 1998 to study political science and film production at Concordia University. Joining EyeSteelFilm in 2005, she rapidly gained all sorts of indie filmmaking credits. In 2008, she won a scriptwriting contest. Winning the contest allowed her to write, produce and direct her first film Mokhtar.

Canada,  2010,  16 min.
Abdella Ichiki, S’fia Moussa, Omar Belarbi

A young boy lives with his family of goatherds in a remote, Moroccan village. One day, he finds a fallen owl and decides to keep it, despite the fact that the owl is considered a bad omen. Mokhtar’s new pet becomes a symbol of rebellion against his family and an icon of his fledgling independence. Kinship, religion and spirituality are all confronted in this film that celebrates inner strength. Based on a true story.