Not just for kids. In anticipation of the anniversary 2011
  • Director: Eduard Nazarov

    Born in 1941, animation film director, screenwriter and production designer. Honored Art Worker of Russian Federation. Graduated from Stroganov Art College. In animation industry since 1959. In 1993, together with Andrey Khrzhanovsky, Fyodor Khitruk and Yuri Norshtein founded studio school for animation directors SHAR.  Author and host of various TV shows about animation. Since 1991, co-president of KROK International Animated Films Festival. Since 2007, art director of Pilot Studio. Awarded with numerous festival prizes.

USSR,  1987,  10 min.
Leonid Kuravlyov, Eduard Nazarov
Not just for kids. In anticipation of the anniversary

A soldier by the name Martynko is put under arrest. In his cell he finds a pack of magic cards. Having made a fortune by gambling he becomes a tsar’s minister. However, hideous foreigners make tsar’s daughter Raiska poison him. Left in the forest, Martynko finds a magic apples there. Green apples make a person beautiful while red ones make horns grow on people’s heads. and Now Martynko knows how to punish Raiska...