Not just for kids. In anticipation of the anniversary 2011
Grey Wolf & Little Red Hat (Seryi volk and Krasnaya Shapochka)
  • Director: Garri Bardin

    Born in Orenburg, USSR, in 1941, animation film director, screenwriter, playwright and actor. After graduation from Moscow Art Theater’s Studio-School worked as stage and screen actor. In 1974, he co-wrote with Vassily Livanov Don Juan, a play for a puppet theater, and Sergey Obraztsov invited him to work as a director at his famous Moscow Puppet Theater. In 1975, he began to work as a director of animated films at Soyuzmulyfilm. There he directed 15 films in 15 years. They were highly acclaimed both at home and abroad and awarded many international prizes. Garri Bardin is a winner of 3 Russian National Nika Awards, Triumf award, Palm D’Or and State Prize of Russia. In 1991 he founded his own studio. In 2010, the studio finished making a feature-length animated film The Ugly Duckling, which Bardin directed.

Russia,  1990,  27 min.
Armen Djigarkhanyan, В. Виноградов
Not just for kids. In anticipation of the anniversary

Modern musical comedy loosely based on the children's story of Little Red Riding Hood. All their lines the characters sing to various popular tunes, such as ‘Mack the Knife’, ‘Tea for Two’, ‘La Vie En Rose’. Little Red Hat's mother sends her to take Russian pie to her grandmother Theresa in Paris, France. On the way, Little Red Hat runs into Grey Wolf who has just had made a new set of stainless steel teeth (and eaten alive the good doctor who fixed it). The girl tells him where she is going. And the wolf decides to follow her. But as he has bribed border guards he is across the ahead of her. So he has enough time to eat seven dwarfs, three pigs and some other fairy tale characters, besides Granny. But when he tries to eat the pie he looses all his teeth again, for it has gone stale. Everyone break free from his stomach and sing a triumphant song. Watching this on TV Little Red Hat’s mother sings along and sheds a tear.