Retrospectives. Lenfilm Undiscovered 2011
Woe (Beda)
  • Director: Dinara Asanova

    Born in 1942 in Frunze, Kirgiz Republic, Soviet Union (now Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). She started to work in film industry in different auxiliary posi- tions right after finishing school. As an actress she took part in several films made by Kyrgyzfilm in 1960-1962. In 1968, she graduated from VGIK. Her graduation work was Rudolfio, a short based on Valentin Rasputin’s story of the same name. Her first full-length film Woodpecker’s Head Never Aches in 1974 drew special attention of Soviet critics and audience with its sharp vision of the day-by-day relationships between people. It was followed by highly acclaimed The Key for You Only, which researched the role of a teacher’s in- dividuality in finding the way to the hearts of chil- dren. In all her films, Asanova treated acute social problems through individuality. Heavy drinking and its excesses in Woe were not just “antisocial behavior” – they were terrible because they were ruining the life of a family, with whom the view- ers could easily identify. And the teenagers in Kids were not just ‘juvenile delinquents’ but young hu- man beings, badly in need of a man of integrity and strength, as a role model, to become good citizens. Dinara Asanova made only ten films - she died of heart attack in 1984. However, today, years later, notwithstanding all social and political changes, the humanistic message of her works is as rel- evant as ever.

Russia,  1977,  97 min.
Alexei Petrenko, Georgi Burkov, Gennady Dyudyaev, Fyodor Odinokov
Retrospectives. Lenfilm Undiscovered

Alevtina Ivanovna, her son Slavka, her daughter-in-law Zina and her grandson/?/ live in a little settlement at the North. It could be a happy life but a great misfortune comes to their home - Slavka becomes a heavy drinker...