Retrospectives. Lenfilm Undiscovered 2011
Degree of risk (Stepen riska)
  • Director: Ill'ya Averbakh

    Born in 1934 in Leningrad (now Saint-Peters- burg), Russia. Soviet director and screenwriter. Before starting a filmmaking career, graduated from Leningrad Medical Institute and worked as a doctor. Later he finished Higher Screenwriting Courses in Moscow and Lenfilm Higher Directing and Screenwriting Courses. His debut film De- gree of Risk was released in 1967. It is full of philosophical discussions on the matters of life and death. In 1969, Boris Livanov for his role of cardiac surgeon Sedov in the film was awarded Grand Prize of International Festival of Red Cross & Health Films in Varna (Bulgaria). In the 1970-s, Averbakh was considered the voice of Leningrad intelligentsia with its stoicism, high moral values and obsession with eternal dilem- mas. The characters of Averbach’s films, loners living by their own rules, often resemble Don Quixote, deadly tired of fighting the evil giants visible only to him, yet full of resolution to stay a knight to the end. Illya Averbach died in 1986.

Russia,  1968,  95 min.
Boris Livanov, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Yuri Grebeshchikov, Leonid Nevedomsky, Victor Ill'ichov
Retrospectives. Lenfilm Undiscovered

Sedov, a talented heart surgeon, performs unique but risky operations. One day a gifted mathematician Sasha Kirillov is put in the hospital where he works. Sedov understands that the operation stands little chance of success in this case...