Retrospectives. Lenfilm Undiscovered 2011
Day of happiness (Den Shchastya)
  • Director: Iosif Kheifets

    Born in 1905 in Minsk, Russian Empire (now the capital of Republic of Belarus). Finished Lenin- grad Technical School of Screen Arts and Cine- ma Faculty of Art History Institute. He started his work at Lenfilm (then, Sovkino cinema factory) as a screenwriter in 1928. His directorial debut was Facing the Wind, the film about young com- munists, which he co-directed with Alexander Zarkhi. Also with Zarkhi he directed in the 1930- s such famous Soviet films as The Deputy for the Baltcs and A Member of the Government telling psychologically convincing stories of transfor- mation of former subjects of the Russian Empire into “citizens of a new, better society”. Later in his career, Kheifits turned to directing screen versions of Russian classics. His masterful and sublime films based on the works of Chekhov, Turgenev and Kuprin are considered exemplary adaptations. Iosif Kheifits died in 1995.

Russia,  1963,  95 min.
Alexei Batalov, Valentin Zubkov, Nicolai Kryuchkov
Retrospectives. Lenfilm Undiscovered

Alexander, a young doctor, spontaneously introduces himself to a nice woman Shura. The chance meeting causes deep affection but she is married. Besides, her domestic situation is complicated. Her husband, a geologist, has to leave the job he loves because he is indirectly responsible for the death of some men of his prospecting party. He is reduced to hackwork, while Shura is tired of doing nothing - for he does not let her have a job. Finally, Shura decides to change the way she lives. She moves to the country to make a fresh start...