Retrospectives. Lenfilm Undiscovered 2011
Long and happy life (Dolgaya shschastlivaya zhizn)
  • Director: Gennady Shpalikov

    Born in 1937 in a small town of Segezha, USSR, Soviet Russian poet, screenwriter and director. Educated at VGIK (Faculty of Screenwriting). His first great success was the screenplay for the lyrical comedy I Step Through Moscow (1964) directed by Georgi Danelia. Without pathos and social rhetoric it showed everyday life of ordi- nary young people in Moscow. Shpalikov also wrote the lyrics for the film’s title song, which became a musical symbol of the 1960-s in the USSR. In 1965, his another film about the young I Am Twenty was released. It was directed and co-written by Marlen Khutsiev. However, it was a great disappointment to both the screenwriter and director. They were accused of shallowness and distorting the image of Soviet youth. The film was ruthlessly cut by censors, and even its origi- nal toponymical title Il’ych Gates was changed to make sure this ‘imitation of decadent western productions’ would have nothing to do with the name of Vladimir Ill’ych Lenin. Shpalikov’s first and only directorial experience was Long and Happy Life (1966), a film about in- ertia and disillusionment. The film won an award of Bergamo Auteur Film Festival. Writer’s own disillusionment and depression led him to a tragic end - in 1974 at the age of 37 he committed suicide.

Russia,  1966,  70 min.
Kirill Lavrov, Georgy Shtil, Pavel Luspekaeyv
Retrospectives. Lenfilm Undiscovered

For Lena and Victor it was a chance meeting. They spent just one night together. Mutual sympathy could have grown into a deep affection. However, all they felt in the morning was emptiness and embarrassment. They caught at some feeble excuse to part without even trying to have it all out.