Documentaries. This crazy world 2010
Coutryside 35x45
  • Director: Evgeny Solomin (Russia)

    Was born in 1972 in Kaluga, Russia. Graduated from the State university of Novosibirsk, faculty of Russian language and literature in 1995, courses for directors and scriptwriters in 1998. Scriptwriter and director of the documentary Servitude (2001).

Russia,  2009,  43 min.
Documentaries. This crazy world

Russia.  Not long ago. Throughout the country the old Soviet passports are being exchanged for the new Russian ones. A provincial photographer travels from one Siberian village to another taking 35x45 mm passport photos of the villagers. Each client’s photo in a way summarizes that person’s life. Making a profound observation of the countryside life, the film unfolds as a poetic story about the world-view of people living in remote areas at the crossroads of the two juxtaposed cultures: the old Soviet and the modern Russian ones. The black and white stylistics of this point-of-view documentary is symbolically in tune with the white and black photos taken by the photographer.