Documentaries. This crazy world 2010
Sanya and Sparrow
  • Director: Andrei Gryazev (Russia)

    Graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Culture as director of theatrical performances (2004), studied in the First National School of TV as editor (2006) and at the Higher Courses of Film Writers & Directors (2008). In 2011 was nominated for national cinema award “Nika”. Andrei won more than 10 major awards of various European festivals of documentary films. Фильмография / Filmography: — Tomorrow, 2012 — Miner`s Day, 2010 — Sanya and Sparrow, 2009

Russia,  2009,  61 min.
Documentaries. This crazy world

Russia. Centre Moscow. 6 km from the Kremlin.It is an episode of the life of two workers from the crush stone terminal. It happened so that the two guys – Sanya, 37 years old аnd Sparrow, 19 years old who had arrived in Moscow, got acquainted in so unusual circumstances.  The first problems appeared when their salary was suspended. Now Sparrow can't return home without documents and money, and Sanya is not able to leave Sparrow alone here at the plant. How long will they have to wait for money? How can two people on the edge of despair support each other? Behind huge problems and conflicts there are usual human thoughts and emotions, there are unbelievable dreams of the further life.