Documentaries. This crazy world 2010
  • Director: Jouni Hokkanen (Finland)

    A critic, documentarist, journalist, Love & Anarchy Film Festival programmer, and "freelance everything" from Helsinki. He was born in Kangasniemi, Finland in 1964. After some film studies at Stockholm Film School and Comparative Religion Science at Helsinki, he wrote his Master’s Thesis about Satan in Horror Films, and joined YLE Radio documentary group in 1991. Since then he has created several dozens of documentaries, many of them on Asian topics.

Finland,  2009,  29 min.
Asagi Ageha, Haruki Yukimura, Osada Steve
Documentaries. This crazy world

 In Shinto religion, in order to make something sacred, man will tie a rope around it.This sacred quality of the tying can be applied also to Kinbaku, which is an erotic, spiritual, artistic connection between the people who are doing it. Kinbaku, tight binding, is a Japanese style of bondage which involves tying up the bottom using simple yet visually intricate patterns, with several pieces of rope, usually hemp or jute. It started with samurais capturing enemies on battlefield 500 years ago.