Opening film 2010
Yakuza Daughter
  • Director: Sergey Bodrov Senior (Russia)

    Sergey Bodrov Senior was born in 1948 in Khabarovsk. Started his career as a journalist, but then gave it up and entered scriptwriting Departmen of VGIK, which he faculty graduated in 1974. His picture on the Chechen war Prisoner of the Caucasus received in 1999 "Nika" Award as the best film of the year. Sergei Bodrov is the author of several books of short stories and humorous anecdotes. One of his latest works - set in the U.S. picture The Quickie.

  • Director: Guka Omarova (Kazakhstan)

    Guka Omarova was born in Alma-Ata. Being yet in school started to work as an actress in movies. After graduating from Kazakhstan State university she entered The Institute of Theatre and Cin- ema majoring In documentaries directing. Her directing debut was presented at Cannes 2004 Un Certain Regard, won lots of prizes and was shown in Europe and America.

Russia,  2010,  85 min.
Chika Arakawa, Vadim Dorofeev, Sergey Garmash, Moussaka Naomasa, Irina Rozanova, Yamaga Yoshitaka
Opening film

Ten-year old Yuriko is a daughter of the influential yakuza Tazio Yamada. Vigilant protection is always near Yuriko. One fine day "temporary difficulties" happen in Tazio's life and, for the safety of his daughter, he sends her to Rome. But on the way plane makes emergency landing in southern Russia. Bodyguards disappear. But Yuriko is a daughter of yakuza, she got used to be strong. She is looking for a way out of this situation, but finds a good for nothing guy Lekha and even saves his life. And now Lekha has a debt of honor. And as Japanese custom says, he must serve her his entire life, despite the difficulties with the law and translation.