Alter Scrinium. Exhibition of video and documentary «Zhachev’s declaration» 2010
  • Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini (Italy)

    One of the most prominent filmmakers of the twentieth century. Poet and writer. He has made a significant contribution to the creation of theoretical works on the semantics of cinematography. His films are complicatedly created works, filled with multi-level semantic narratives. Most of Pasolini`s works had been severely criticized by the Italian government, and at the same time they were bright events in the cinematic world. Pier Paolo Pasolini was killed on Nov. 2, 1975 in Ostia, near Rome. According to unofficial versions the murder of the director was organized by neo-Nazi organization.

Italy,  1968,  98 min.
Alter Scrinium. Exhibition of video and documentary «Zhachev’s declaration»
Measured life of the bourgeois family suddenly changes. The mysterious, nameless guest violates the established order of things and becomes the center of attention of all members of the family. Heroes hardly communicate with each other because of switching the attention to the guest. Each of them opens in him some idealized object of desire, including sexual, substituting their own fears and emotions with irresistible inclination. But, suddenly, the visitor leaves the city and there comes a time of global divide - the world of the family, filled with the only sence - the existence of a guest - is collapsing, bringing state of mind of each family member to extreme forms of alienation. "Theorema" is one of the most mysterious, insightful and finely constructed of cinematographic works in history. The semantics of the film is built in accordance with the laws of geometric and full of symmetrical associations. Pasolini, with his unique language, organizes the  conceptual framework of the movie based on Marxist theory, Freudian and heretical reading of the Gospel. Criticism of the bourgeois, articulated through the narrative of the loss of system elements, offering a sort of concentrated in specific individuals form of the apocalypse.