Alter Scrinium. Exhibition of video and documentary «Zhachev’s declaration» 2010
Die Probe
  • Director: Clemens von Wedemeyer (Germany)

    Born in Göttingen (Germany) in 1974. Now he lives and works in Berlin. One of the most outstanding artists of middle-aged generation specializing in topical political and social themes. Participant if many international forums on modern art including 4th Berlin Biennale (2006) and Biennale of Sydney (2008). His latest personal exhibition was at Koch Oberhuber Wolff Gallery in Berlin in 2010. 

Germany,  2008,  12 min.
Alter Scrinium. Exhibition of video and documentary «Zhachev’s declaration»

Wedemeyer’s film narrates a story familiar to everyone nowadays. Using actors, the artist depicts the backstage space of the theatrical stage, where the man playing the role of politician is preparing his speech to an audience. He is assisted by so-called speech-writers - an indispensable element of the system of representation of political expression. Everything is predicted by the hypocritical effect when a politician gives empty promises and in symbolic terms gains people’s faith and respect. Suddenly, however, comes the understanding that his speech is a resignation and criticism of political regime as such. It happens to become an absurdity that can not be synchronized with the logic of political performance - the “traditional” show which day by day follows our life. In the next shot, “the president” burst on the scene under a storm of applause of his electorate. The film ends, leaving the viewer with a feeling of having been brought up against some temporary confession. The artist masterfully reveals the machinery of the representation of power. He confirms the thesis of modernity, as the time of “the end of the political”, when politics from management and self-realization has converted into the theatrical performance, the essence of which is simulation. At the same time, frame by frame, the viewer faces the mechanisms laid in the basis of total change. Radical transformation occurs rapidly, like the revolutionary action, compressing into several astronomical minutes.