Alter Scrinium. Exhibition of video and documentary «Zhachev’s declaration» 2010
  • Director: Julika Rudelius (Germany)

    Born in 1968 in Cologne. Now she lives and works in Amsterdam and New York. Specializes in photography and video, focusing on the issues of social and political interaction between individuals. Participant of the numerous international forums and exhibition projects in the field of contemporary art, including the Kwangju Biennale (2006), the exhibition “Global feminism” (2007, Brooklyn) and Hollywould, 10th festival of video and new media (2008).

Germany,  2007,  5 min.
Alter Scrinium. Exhibition of video and documentary «Zhachev’s declaration»

Twenty people - the representatives of the lower social classes upon their appearance - are sitting in the ascetic white space, a function of which can`t be identified from the first glance It is rather the common waiting room, but the absurdity of the whole situation is that the space is in permanent motion, as if it was a train carriage or a ship hold. Characters are immersed in sort of dream or trance - shaking their bodies in sync with walls movement. Video refers to the everyday social processes generated by a modern system of bureaucracy and social management. People are caught in the mechanism of regulation and control. The distanced view of the camera clearly demonstrates the exceptional machine, which withdraws an individual from the stream of life, depriving him of his own residence at the time, including specifically the category of corporeality. At one moment, everything stops, and falls into all-absorbing stagnation. However, watching the synchronized movement, you find out a certain associative plot. It seems that the artist transforms the waiting room, in a kind of “ark”, which had taken the refugees from the scourge and total control of the outside world. Indeed, when the individual finds himself under the scrutiny of power, his personal dimension is invisible, becoming only the system of codes to be registered. He is expelled to the territory, where the very notion of humanism is missing.