Alter Scrinium. Exhibition of video and documentary «Zhachev’s declaration» 2010
  • Director: Halil Altindere (Turkey)

    Born in 1971 in Mardin. Lives and works in Istanbul. Specializes in photo and video. One of the most popular contemporary artists, raising the social and political issues. Participated in many international forums, including the Istanbul Biennale (1997) and the European Biennale «Manifesta» (2002). Also participated in one of the most prestigious regular exhibitions «Documenta» (2007 / Kassel, Germany.)

Turkey,  2007,  15 min.
Alter Scrinium. Exhibition of video and documentary «Zhachev’s declaration»

Dengbejs is the original name of the certain group of people holding a special place in the culture of the Kurds. They are the storytellers, in unique singing manner telling the traditional myths of the people, filled with political and social sense, the tragic and revolutionary narratives.The film by Altindere delicately recreates the atmosphere of authentic dwellings, where a few men realize this narrative ritual. All the action resembles a documentary about the traditions of the exotic culture where the viewer appears to become a tourist. However, the last shots distinctly change the narrative- the camera is directed at the bird`s eye view and the viewer sees that this traditional dwelling is located on the roof of a modern shopping mall in one of the Turkish cities. Faceless cube of glass and concrete transfers the attributes of national identity into the hypertrophied exoticism. The artist deliberately confronts various historical phenomena in the consolidated context, declaring the present, as a heterogeneous landscape of the numerous of fleeting meanings.