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Rerberg and Tarkovsky. The Reverse Side of “Stalker”
  • Director: Igor Mayboroda (Ukraine)

    Was born in Kiev in 1959. Graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering of the Kiev Politechnic Institute, studied at the department of Directing of the Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Art. In the late 70s - early 80s took part in the search for the new means of expression in art which took the form of discotheatre and videotheatre. Worked for the state USSR television. Graduated from the department of screenwriting at VGIK (Moscow) and from the courses for producers with the Goskino of the USSR. Worked in cinema business. Producer and author of his own films, member of the Russia Filmmakers Union.

    Rerberg And Tarkovsky. The Reverse Side Of STALKER is his director’s debut in the "BIG" cinema.

Russia,  2009,  140 min.
Мстислав Ростропович, Наталия Гутман, Никита Михалков
Rerberg and Tarkovsky. The Reverse Side of Stalker consists of cinematic short stories: Author of an Image, Back to the MIRROR, STALKER Chronicles, documentary novel Rerberg narrating about art career and dramatic fate of one of the brightest national cinematographers, people’s artist of Russia, Georgy Ivanovich Rerberg. During his first 10 years of work in cinema he shot his most significant movies with A. Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky and A. Tarkovsky, like Mirror which became an inseparable part of the world cinema. Cinematographer Rerberg is the last one from the Rerberg dynasty of Russian artists, architects and musicians. By turning the pages of our cinema history Rerberg cinema novel reveals a magnificent person hidden behind the camera and a true artist - Georgy Rerberg.