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Vladislav Mikosha: Stopping the Time
  • Director: Jemma Firsov (Russia)

    Jemma Firsova born on December 27, 1935. Entered the All-Russian State University of Cinematography of S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK), department of Directing. In 1966 she graduated from VGIK where she was studying at the course of A. Dovzhenko, class of S.A. Gerasimov and M.I. Romm. Married director of photography Vladislav Mikosha. Soviet and Russian actress, documentary director, public figure. Laureate of Lenin Award of the USSR. Laureate of State Award of the USSR. 


  • Director: Evgeny Tsimbal (Russia)

    Working as a movie director, Eygeniy Tsimabal has shot a number of films that won high awards of more than twenty five Russian and international film festivals. He is the only person in our cinema business who received "Nika" award twice in nomination "Best Non-fiction Film" and who was twice a laureate of the Guild of Film Experts and Film Critics Award (2002 and 2009) for the "Best Film Analyzing Book of the Year". Also he has an award from the British Academy of Cinema and TV.

Russia,  2009,  52 min.

The fate of the outstanding Soviet cinematographer Vladislav Mikosha reveals an amazing symmetry of places, synchronism of people and events. Mikosha became a chronographer behind the camera, an analyst of the twentieth century who kept a lot of its great and dreadful events for us: of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior demolition, Mount Elbrus ascent, voyage to the Arctic by «Smolensk» steamship and rescue of Cheluskin sailors. At time of Word War II he was working in besieged Odessa, his camera was shooting Sevastopol defense and glorious march of Soviet troops in Europe. Mikosha was neither a politician nor a publicist. He was an artist and could «stop the time»”to show the way he saw it.