Vladivostok. The land of life 2010
  • Director: Edward Sedgwick (United States)

    Edward Sedgwick was born in 1892, Galveston, Texas, USA. Since his childhood took parts in family theatre "The Five Sedgwicks". For more than 40 years he made about 70 films, worked as a scriptwriter, actor, producer, comedy consultant.

  • Director: Buster Keaton (United States)

    Real name - Joseph Fransis Keaton. Keaton got the nickname «Buster» by famous Harry Houdini after 6-month old Joseph fell down the stairs without even a scratch. One of Keaton’s nicknames was  «Stone-faced man». His ability to portray the most awkward and absurd situations keeping impassive countenance only intensified the comic effect of his play.

United States,  1928,  69 min.
Marceline Day, Harold Goodwin, Buster Keaton
Vladivostok. The land of life

Buster is a loser photographer who makes photos of people on the street for 10 cents. Once, he meets a girl who works in a large company specializing in documentaries: He decides to apply for a job there, but all his efforts to shoot some interesting events fail.