Vladivostok. The land of life 2010
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  • Director: Akira Kurosawa (Japan)

    Akira Kurosawa was born on March 23, 1910 in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from the School of Western Painting «Doshusha». His work in cinema started from 1936. The first movie of Kurosawa Sugata Sanshiro was about judo development in the country in the end of XIX century.

    International fame and recognition came to Kurosawa after Rashomon (1950) based on the Japanese literature classic R. Akutagawa Rashomon Gates and In the Thicket. This movie was awarded with the grand- prize of the Venice Film Festival “Golden Lion” and American Film Academy Oscar (1951) for the best foreign movie.

    Kurosawa worked a lot at the junction of Western and Eastern traditions adapting world classics to the national culture. His movies Throne of Blood (1957), The Bad Sleep Well (1960) and Ran (1985) were based on William Shakespeare’s works Macbeth,  Hamlet, King Lear. A special place in Japanese director’s work holds Russian theme. In 1951 the director shot a movie Idiot on F.M. Dostoevsky’s same titled novel. Kurosawa believed the writer to be the only one who had written a true story on human existence. In 1957 there was a film “The Lower Depths” on Maxim Gorky’s play.

    In 1957 Kurosawa shot Dersu Uzala based on Russian traveler Vladimir Arseniev’s stories at the Mosfilm studio. The movie was awarded with the Golden Prize of the IX Moscow Film Festival, Oscar (1976) and other awards.


Japan,  1993,  134 min.
Kyoko Kagawa, Tatsya Nakadai
Vladivostok. The land of life

The movie brings a viewer to the time of the World War II and narrates about moral responsibility and generations bond. Movie plot is based on the life of Japan academician and writer Hyakken Uchida (1889-1971) and revolves around relationships of students and their former teacher. The teacher retired from work and starts writing books, but suffers a number of failures. His students help him to overcome them, and, as a result, they establish a tradition in honour of their ex-teacher - each year they celebrate a holiday “«Not Yet»” on the date of old man’s birthday.