Vladivostok. The land of life 2010
Far Eastern Exodus. The Yankovsky
  • Director: Irina Bakhtina (Russia)

    Born in Moscow. In 1991 — 98, she was a writer and director of special projects on TV channel «Russia», the author and presenter of TV program «Private Collection». Since 2001 she has been an artistic director of PetroGraph production center. Participant and laureate of several international and Russian festivals. In 2010, her film series Far Eastern Exodus was shown in Program of the Pacific Meridian IFF. Фильмография / Filmography: — Father Dmitry. The Last Liturgy, 2012 — In Search of Nirvana, 2012 — Angels and Demons of Vladimir Volkov, 2011 — Gamov. Fizikotboga, 2010 — Far Eastern Exodus. Island of Russians, 2009 — Far Eastern Exodus. The Yankovsky, 2009 — Far Eastern Exodus. Russian Shanghai, 2009 — Nuclear Love, 2008 — No One Wanted to Run Away, 2007

Russia,  2009,  52 min.
Никита Михалков
Vladivostok. The land of life

«He was a Polish Nobleman and a political convict in Siberia. He found his home and fame in the Ussuriisk Krai. His actions became an inspiration to the future inhabitants of the land». That sign on the monument to one of the founders of Vladivostok, Mikhail Yankovsky, is gone, as is the great prosperty of the Primorye lands which occurred during the lifetime of the heroes of the film - the Yankovskys, father and son. Their destiny was imprisoned by “«Big Politics». In 1922 - flight from revolution torn Russia, a new start: a home in Korea, Amur Tigers, Ginseng plantations. And in 1945 - arrest by Soviet Counterintelligence.