Vladivostok. The land of life 2010
An Order to Hold the Fire
  • Director: Valeriy Isakov

  • Director: Yuriy Ivanchuk

Russia,  1981,  93 min.
Vladlen Biryukov, Nikolay Ivanov, Alexander Potapov, Alexander Silin, Eugeniy Gerasimov, Ernst Romanov, Natalia Egorova, Nikolay Grinko, Sergey Sazontyev
Vladivostok. The land of life

During the first days of World War II a battalion of Soviet soldiers holds a position near one of the eastern borders. For more than four years movie characters are staying at these frontiers where is no «state of war», but danger is hiding everywhere. Japanese warmongers always set up provocations, diversions, and our warriors are required to show exquisite courage, stamina and be prepared.